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RAB is an international spread certification body accredited by one of the most transparent accreditation board. The certifications issued by RAB Cert accredited by IOAS can directly be verified at IOA Services website which helps the organization or the client of the organization to have a firm believe on the certificate issued.

RAB Cert is backed by the most experienced personal from the field of certification body, consulting and accreditation boards. We have our clients in all over globe having the presence in almost all the continents of the world.

Professional Approach

The team of RAB is highly professional in carrying out the things in most efficient and professional manner. We understand the need of today and approach that is required for the satisfaction of the clients and customers.

Valuable Ideas

We at RAB have a separate department of Research and design where we regularly brainstorm our mind and come out different ways and ideas to make our system better and making the customer satisfaction as one of the area to be regularly worked upon.

Excellent Timing

We understand the urgency of the client and the need of the certifications. We understand that when the client has done with its audit, its becomes  our responsibility to work on the reports faster and clear the file and provide with the certifications in exact time when it is required to be completed and delivered.

Budget Friendly

We have our almost 100% process in an automated and software driven which is a one time cost. The operational cost we have is low and the process is fast. This is the reason our costings as compared with others is low and more budget friendly.

We as a certification body can provide the certifications all over the globe. The certifications issued by RAB Cert is majorly through the empanelled auditors or through the remote auditing.

We have our presence in Egypt, Peru, Turkey, US, Canada, London, India, and various other locations.


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.

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